Photos from Collective Show Cruise!

Finally arrived! Take a look at COLLECTIVE SHOW’s special exhibition for School Nite, an event held in conjunction with the New Museum’s Festival of Ideas.

Collective Show Cruise comprised six artist groups from international metropoles, including LIMAZULU (London), Human Resources (Los Angeles), Reading Group No. 1 (New York), DeltaKame (Berlin), GIBSMIR Family (Zurich) and Silvershed (New York/Los Angeles).

The two-day showcase featured contributions from Veronika Spierenburg, Urs-August Steiner, Dawn Kasper, Patrick Meagher, Rose Marcus, Yunhee Min, David Schafer, Zain Burgess, Ben Vickers, Tom Grimsey, Kazimir Lee Iskander, Ed Lehan, Huw Lemmey, Mike Oswell, Samara Scott, Timur Si-Qin, Kari Altmann, Charles Broskoski, Lindsay Lawson, Billy Rennekamp, Maxwell Simmer, and Harm Van Den Dorpel.

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2-UP Launches New Poster Edition

The collaborative poster project will be showcasing its latest edition at Silvershed this Sunday, May 15! Featured at the Dependent Art Fair and at the 2010 NADA Art Fair, 2-UP pairs two members together to produce a double-sided poster that is packaged in twos. Each poster’s theme and content is a complete creation of the participants involved.

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The New Resistance: Studying the Rise of Independent Art Groups and Collectives

by Christopher Fernald

How does the manner in which art practitioners pursue their creative endeavors—in the very practical application and execution of their grand ideas support or refute traditional understandings of rebellion and independence? How is independence possible when we imagine the playing field in the Euro-American art world has folded in on itself, hierarchies have toppled, and an unprecedented number of voices, perspectives, and methodologies with varying points of access to and involvement in modes of power constantly compete, cross-fertilize, and merge together?  Most importantly, can our imagination of resistance accommodate a power system that celebrates and commodifies rebellion?

The answer, I’d argue, is yes. I crafted a survey to get a better sense of how artists working independently in the New York City region experience the art world and its discourses of community, independence, and rebellion.  My findings are specific to the workings of the New York art world and its actors, though I imagine a similar understanding of the operations within art worlds in other major first world metropolitan centers may be gleaned in certain instances.  I’ve concluded that effective resistance requires a new understanding of how power operates and a reimaging of what the point of intersection between it and powers of resistance actually looks like.

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COLLECTIVE SHOW Cruise presents COLLECTIVE SHOW Cruise, a showcase of artist groups from cultural capitals around the globe.

The exhibition, linked with no single city in particular, is a shared space that acts as a preview of future group shows from London, Berlin, and Zurich while also gesturing towards previous exhibitions in New York and Los Angeles.

Included in COLLECTIVE SHOW Cruise are the following groups:

Reading Group No. 1 (New York)
GIBSMIR family (Zurich)
Human Resources (Los Angeles)
Delta Kame (Berlin)
Silvershed (New York/Los Angeles)

Saturday, May 7, 6pm – 4am
Sunday, May 8, 12noon – 6pm

May 7th Performances:
9pm Human Resources presents a performance by Dawn Kasper
10pm An open discussion with Reading Group No. 1

School Nite
at the Old School
233 Mott Street, New York, New York

A project by THE THEY CO. in participation with the Festival of Ideas for the New City, organized by THE NEW MUSEUM.

The Dependent Art Fair

Perhaps New York’s most collective-friendly locale for art-viewing during Armory Week 2011 is this one night event. To be held in a hotel room not far from its inversely titled art fair, the Dependent Art Fair will exhibit sixteen various artist groups and gallery spaces.

Silvershed, organizers of Collective Show, is one of the groups exhibited so be sure to come by on Friday to experience this gem of a show. And join us at the Silvershed immediately following for the afterparty!

The Dependent Art Fair
Friday March 4, 2011
The Sheraton Hotel
160 W 25 St.

Dawn Kasper & Human Resources featured on Artinfo

Dawn Kasper, alongside Human Resources, is the topic of Artinfo’s most recent A/V Lab, which deals with various media performance work. The article mentions her upcoming upcoming New York edition of “Music for Hoarders” and the artist’s March performances at LA’s Emma Gray HQ.

Human Resources is a Los Angeles-based collective that produces scenes focusing on artistic and musical performances. While exhibiting a booth at Art Los Angeles Contemporary, the group also was shown at Collective Show Los Angeles and Collective Show New York this past fall.

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New Kunstverein NY publications at Printed Matter!

The New York chapter of the international curatorial office and Collective Show group will debut two new editions at New York’s Printed Matter storefront this Thursday, February 24. The first, On View, Worldwide, for the Month Of… is an artist calendar produced in a collaborative effort.

Ian Monk’s Prompts

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‘Office Hours’ at Forever & Today, Inc.

The latest exhibition at Forever & Today, Inc. is one that places the viewer in a space that is both singular and varied. Ian Pedigo’s transformation of Chinatown’s storefront alternative art space takes the notion of a small business office and, while applying it to the art curator’s workspace, exposes the inner workings of the curatorial process from its seams.

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Patrick Meagher featured in NY Art Beat

Patrick Meagher of Silvershed and co-director of Collective Show is featured in an interview on New York Art Beat! In it, he talks about the origins of the Chelsea-based artist collective and reveals plans for the future of Collective Show.

Follow the link to find out more about Collective Show and his thoughts on the state of the arts today.

Interview with Patrick Meagher of Silvershed | NYABlog | New York Art Beat