Photos from Collective Show Cruise!

Finally arrived! Take a look at COLLECTIVE SHOW’s special exhibition for School Nite, an event held in conjunction with the New Museum’s Festival of Ideas.

Collective Show Cruise comprised six artist groups from international metropoles, including LIMAZULU (London), Human Resources (Los Angeles), Reading Group No. 1 (New York), DeltaKame (Berlin), GIBSMIR Family (Zurich) and Silvershed (New York/Los Angeles).

The two-day showcase featured contributions from Veronika Spierenburg, Urs-August Steiner, Dawn Kasper, Patrick Meagher, Rose Marcus, Yunhee Min, David Schafer, Zain Burgess, Ben Vickers, Tom Grimsey, Kazimir Lee Iskander, Ed Lehan, Huw Lemmey, Mike Oswell, Samara Scott, Timur Si-Qin, Kari Altmann, Charles Broskoski, Lindsay Lawson, Billy Rennekamp, Maxwell Simmer, and Harm Van Den Dorpel.

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Tussie Mussie

Tussie Mussie Invite

Charming, varietal, capricious, distinctive—all are descriptors of both the petite Victorian floral arrangement, as well as Collective Show’s New York evening and fundraiser.  Presented by Silvershed, the event featured jazz music by Sammy Miller and the Congregation, an array of various patés by Les Trois Petits Cochons, and a backroom bar by Café Select. Allocating each wall to a different curatorial undertaking, the space presented three visual arrangements by Cecelia+Helene, Ronnie Kimm, and Collective Show itself. All of the works on display were available for purchase. Each of the individual Tussie Mussie contributions stood independently while also allowing for a collective viewing experience. 

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