The Dependent Art Fair

Perhaps New York’s most collective-friendly locale for art-viewing during Armory Week 2011 is this one night event. To be held in a hotel room not far from its inversely titled art fair, the Dependent Art Fair will exhibit sixteen various artist groups and gallery spaces.

Silvershed, organizers of Collective Show, is one of the groups exhibited so be sure to come by on Friday to experience this gem of a show. And join us at the Silvershed immediately following for the afterparty!

The Dependent Art Fair
Friday March 4, 2011
The Sheraton Hotel
160 W 25 St.

New Kunstverein NY publications at Printed Matter!

The New York chapter of the international curatorial office and Collective Show group will debut two new editions at New York’s Printed Matter storefront this Thursday, February 24. The first, On View, Worldwide, for the Month Of… is an artist calendar produced in a collaborative effort.

Ian Monk’s Prompts

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‘Office Hours’ at Forever & Today, Inc.

The latest exhibition at Forever & Today, Inc. is one that places the viewer in a space that is both singular and varied. Ian Pedigo’s transformation of Chinatown’s storefront alternative art space takes the notion of a small business office and, while applying it to the art curator’s workspace, exposes the inner workings of the curatorial process from its seams.

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Patrick Meagher featured in NY Art Beat

Patrick Meagher of Silvershed and co-director of Collective Show is featured in an interview on New York Art Beat! In it, he talks about the origins of the Chelsea-based artist collective and reveals plans for the future of Collective Show.

Follow the link to find out more about Collective Show and his thoughts on the state of the arts today.

Interview with Patrick Meagher of Silvershed | NYABlog | New York Art Beat


Farimani is an artist-produced publication that is distributed internationally. The 11-piece volume of books can be read as a trajectory of printed work that evolves from each issue to the other, with the individual books being highly dependent on those that come before and after.

Seeking to produce an artistic space within the pages of a text, Farimani pulls work from artists, cultural criticism and theory, and musicians. The notions of time, evolution, and continuity are highly significant in the project. Departing from where its previous let off, each issue will take on a greater size so that the final component will literally bear the weight of its predecessors.

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Collective Show Los Angeles 2011 – Pictures!

Collective Show Los Angeles was an extraordinary success! Thank you to everyone who had a hand in making it happen! Photos after the jump!

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2nd Annual Queer Pile-Up!

2nd Annual Queer Pile-up Flyer

Another smashing success, the 2nd Annual Queer Pile-up! proved beyond doubt that local queer artists working in all mediums are an industrious, thoughtful and motivated bunch. With over 200 guests coming through the doors during the evening and 40 artist participants, the outcome was truly inspired and inspiring. Paintings, drawings, photos, book arts, sculpture, community outreach, videos, wearables, ‘zines and performance shared a nurturing and welcoming space. The result was surprisingly cohesive given the premise of the show: a temporarily repurposed storefront studio cleared out for one evening, filled with art on a drop-in basis, and cleared out again at the end of the night. Big thanks to Amy Adler for once again loaning us her studio!

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BHQFU: What Is A Metaphor?

The Bruce High Quality Foundation University is a community of artists and scholars in pursuit of higher education and learning that exists outside of and beyond the traditional structure of the art school. Its weekly Tuesday crit group, What Is A Metaphor?, assembles for an uncensored examination of various artists’ work for viewing and feedback. More »

A note from the GIBSMIR-Family

We are the GIBSMIR-Family and would like to invite you to swap your art (not bigger than 12×12 inch) with a Swiss artist at the Collective Art Show, L.A. You can see all the works online at

GIBSMIR-Family at Collective Show Los Angeles 2011

The idea behind the project, Tree Structure, is to present on a table at Collective Show, L.A. small-scale work by Swiss artists. Artists converging in Los Angeles are invited to swap their work with work set out by others. To continue the game, participants can exchange repeatedly, replacing new works on the table. Every substitution will be registered with the respective artist’s name/work/website, which can be tracked in real-time on the website Visit us at Collective Show Los Angeles 2011 on Saturday, January 29, 12-6pm to swap your work with work on our table.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.
The GIBSMIR-Family, Veronika Spierenburg, Urs August Steiner, Marcel Reimer